Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yet Another Tree, Animal & Human Triangle!

A few months ago, my reactions on seeing a campaign done by RMG david on the platform of killing a tree = Killing a human were the fact that this would be the core idea of all ads (atleast ninety percent of them) this year. It looks like I haven't been wrong entirely!!

Look at the numerous examples below:

A) Ad for Singapore Environmental Council by Crush, Singapore.

B) Campaign for WWF (featuring the family tree made with animals)

C) The RMG Campaign itself (you never just kill the tree)

D) And finally there is this ad. (I have no clue about the advertising agency behind this ad, does anybody know?)

Can anybody see the trend, or is it just me still nursing a hang-over from new years eve??


arunchakkravarthy said...

david, india.

Anonymous said...

David, Chennai and shot by Sharad Haksar