Monday, February 06, 2006


This is a campaign for Organ Donation but it kind of scared me rather than convincing me. Did it do the same to any of you guys? I have an opinion that showing a lot of gore in ads often make them repulsive and even hard to watch. Making you lose a prospective viewer rather than the curiosity or convincing factor. This campaign did just that too me. Does anybody feel the same too??


militaru said...

i like the art work

koleslaw said...

I guess nobody proofread the copy. It says "You know that's not we're talking about." What country is it from? Maybe it makes sense there. said...

Sandeep Makam
Do you got any more info from these ads? Agency, country of origin, product website?
Best regards, Marc

cipher said...

Client: Vizoo
Agency: Giovanni FCB
Country: Rio De Janeiro
Photographer: Platinum
Art Director: Carlos Andre Eyer
Product Website:

bellydancefreak said...

they not convincing.. makes me wanna write a letter and say do not donate any of my organs