Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Absolute Crap from JWT, Sao Paulo

Found this ad here yesterday and it made me want to puke the minute I saw it. I believe this is rubbish in the name of advertising. Why would an ad like this even make me want to buy a strip of chiclets. Simply Mindless and meaningless! I think the team at JWT, Sao Paulo needs a break. Anybody disagree?


houtlust said...

I disagree
I understand that you don't like it but that's how advertising looks like in Brazil.
Powerfull but rough.
It's the opposite from how ads looks like in India.
Design in India is mostly very subtile.

Look at this for example:
check the campaign-section.

cipher said...

ok, maybe I don't completely understand the nuances of advertising in Brazil but all I'm thinking is shouldnt all advertising sell a product. Why would i buy a strip of gum to kill a dog, its kinda morbid and makes no sense whatsoever!

Thinks Heyz said...

living things die to leave the skeleton - to show time has been done to death.

Anonymous said...

Powerful but rough??
More like Awful and Tough... to like.

This is not typical for Brazilian Ads, its typical for Crap.

Anonymous said...

Does every agency in Brazil do spread ads for every single product? Or is it just a prevelance of scam ads in that country?

BBBlah said...

With no obvious nutritional vlaue in the gum, surely the man would be skeletal too?

Dabitch said...

Noo bblah! Don't come her with your fancy logic! you'll runi it! ;)

Xarape said...

Oh, it's crap. JWT São Paulo is way way way lot better than this piece of shit.
And you can't generalize Brazilian Advertising by an ignobius piece of formulaic ad like this. I don't think it's JWT's. If it is, shame on them. Bad ad, bad ad.

Anonymous said...

the ad wants to convey the long lasting flavor of chiclets by portraying that the guy chewing the gum is still going while his pet dog has died already. this ad doesnt do anything for me though.