Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Organ Donation!

Organ Donation: Now look at this campaign as opposed to the one done by Vizoo a few posts earlier. I think this one tells me the same message in a much more convincing and appreciative manner. Unlike the blood and gore from Vizoo. But then, there are ideas and there are ways to deliver them. Maybe those ads work better to a ceratin kind of T.A. and these do to some others.


Clifford Thunderbolt said...

your weblog is awesome! ... just passing by... do u take these pics or what is it u do? Cool ciao

Mind Curry said...

brilliant collection you got here sandeep..i totally respect and adore the media industry..just love you guys.

Thinks Heyz said...

Hey Sandeep

I like thse organ donation ads better than the other one. This gets to the real point - organ donation gives life to someone else.

BTW, I have a suggestion. Could you have lesser number of posts in one page. I dont know if its my p3 or if others have this problem too, but with all the images my comp gets all dizzy, slow and sticky when i load your blog. My firefox takes up about 160,000 K of memory.

Thanks man. keep posting

Anonymous said...

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