Monday, February 20, 2006

Sex Machine!

This is a campaign for a store that helps you choose the perfect sex toys. I don't know what to say coz one of these never existed in the land with the highest population in the planet. Maybe a few lucky ones who do have some in your country might be able to judge this one better! ;)


Ernesto Espinosa said...

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Hiren said...

Interesting. That is another kind of sexentertainment. During the black and white television era, I used to hear that people have no real entertainment and that is why the population is so huge. I don't know whether to call it an opportuity cost or considering our problems because of our population, an opportunity lost.

janik said...

One of the most intelligent ads i have ever seen. Great story and in-depth sociological study - and all of this said with a few words