Monday, February 27, 2006

Smoking Reduces Weight

Touchstone Advertising, Mumbai is the agency behind this ad for the Cancer Patients Smoking Association or CPAA. The team behind the ad include Aditya Uphadayay, Kailash Chaudhari, Shoeb Shaikh, Raju Gawde. I like this ad though the layout is extremely similar to the "Cancer Curs Smoking" Ad that was dobe by Ogilvy Mumbai a few years ago. (Or maybe, I'm just thinking that it is!). This ad does grab me and then delivers the message as effectively. Nice!


Thinks Heyz said...

do anti smoking ads stop people from smoking?

Anonymous said...

ya dats true..i love to carck an idea for against smoking with a Marlboro..

Niways this is a brillant line..whoever wrote it..Mr Copywriter..