Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Naya Campaign!

Thanks to Dharam Valia from 180 Degree Corp., (a creative hot-shop that offers through-the-line communication solutions) Mumbai for sending in this campaign done for the new and revamped version of Mid-Day! The local favorite news daily from Mumbai
The campaign creatives attempts to capture change through 'slice of life' visuals juxtaposing the change. Take for instance a shot of a young girl walking by a PCO, but is merrily chatting on her cellphone. A line reading "Naya PCO" connects this visual to a shot of the 'Naya' Mid Day. Similarly, "Naya Sachin" captures this change by depicting a bunch of kids religiously cricketing away at Shivaji Park with the batsman donning a Dhoni tee-shirt. "Naya Hollywood" takes a dig at bollywood by candidly projecting a worker installing a hoarding of the 'inspired' movie "Fight Club". The mall mania also finds itself being the subject of "Naya Mill" where one sees shoppers amidst High Street Phoenix.
I really don't know how many visitors from the international arena will understand this campaign. But what do the others think? Think it works? Keep those comments coming!


Anonymous said...

It is a SHIT ads and hoarding i have ever seen in my life for a lively newspaper like MIDDAY!!!!
Really killed the brand MIDDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

what the f**k???

Kumudini Patkar said...

i am a pakki mumbaikar and really loved earlier ads like growth campaign or hitlist ads or your life etc. those were amazing piece of creativity. What happened suddenly to MIDDAY??? Surely, with these Mumbai Mirror will knock down MIDDAY. Wake up guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea but poor execution !!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing great!!!