Friday, March 24, 2006

Taekwondo Breaks!

More and more Guerilla work pouring in from across the world. I sometimes wonder if there's more Guerilla Work happening when compared to regular work. I also get the feeling that this is the medium invented by agencies to win awards easily and with minimum spending! Anyways, this Guerilla Piece was done by DDB Singapore for JH Kim Taekwondo Institute. Clever stuff! VIA


Natasha said...

Hey Sandeep.I'm a Bmm student.Actually...appearing for my BMM tests now.Lookin at all this work,m so intimidated.Wondering how i'll match all this.anyway,keep up the good work! cya!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff - the link is dead.

arcane said...

errrm...y ya chuggin along i say! so few updates, ur avg per day has dropped...v(m de designated voice of the fellowishp of ritual blog visitings) vaaant mo! mo! mo!