Thursday, April 27, 2006

Adidas Gigaride!

This print campaign for Adidas was intended to compliment a series of television commercials for the Gigaride technology that promises "Unstoppable Cushioning." This campaign was developed by Nonbox. The team included with Creative Director, Steve Flood, Illustrator, Marc Gabbana and Designer, Matt Davis.
The agency had to work from an existing creative concept showcased in a series of 30-second television commericials. The commercials had the benefit of time to tell their story whereas the nonbox design team was limited to expressing the same message in one frame--be it a poster, window banner or POS insert.


Anonymous said...

Basically, that means they did a quick takedown of a creative idea developed by 180/tbwa.

Flood said...

It wasn't quick and TBWA's idea wasn't that creative.