Thursday, April 13, 2006

AIDS in Style!

A campaign done for the Aids Foundation of Chicago. I don't entirely understand the relevance of the headline and the visual! "When will it go out of style?" in is there someone who really thinks that AIDS is a matter or style? Or is there a larger picture I fail to see. Can anybody help?


Phish said...

When will it go out of style:
Stilettos, Undies sticking out of jeans and Fur. Similarly, AIDS I guess.

Vague and working only in the creative teams heads.

Anonymous said...

It has a deeper meaning friend (no pun intended).
The thing it is trying to picturise is not the undies or the belt etc... What it is trying to say is that in the world over people feel proud to say that they have lost virginity and had sex with so many partners... It is this trend that the ad wants to put out of fashion. It is this trend which is helping spread AIDS.

This is what I thought of the ad...