Saturday, April 15, 2006

Chicken You Can Trust!

A weird campaign that won an Epica in the year 2004. It's a campaign for a brand of chicken named "Le Barran". I don't know much about the Subservient Chicken Campaign but I wonder if this one is any similar to it.
This one comes with the headline "The chicken you can trust!". It somehow would never work in a country like mine because its way to bizzare. I would love to know if you think this works elsewhere?? And any idea which agency did this work?


Martijn said...

Here's another chicken you can trust.

abhas1 said...

I got only one thing to say about this blog: extraordinary!

This is the one thing I was looking for, ads, ads, ads and more ads!

Great work! Keep it up, and do check out my blog if you find the time!


Anonymous said...

ddb paris.

Anonymous said...

ddb paris did this.

Tv spots originally :-)

Very nice work.

feroze said...

hehe... animals are funny!

Yonatan said...

Usually I don't think that ads selling food products can be effective without stimulating the taste buds, but when they go for the brand image like here it can be very effective
I saw the TV spots and they are brilliant. I also read that the campaign was very effective in France