Saturday, April 22, 2006

Is this what we call advertising??

Should advertising be interesting or should it be a puzzle that almost ninety percent of people do not understand or are not even intrested in understanding?? In a day and age where advertising is considered an obstrusive medium, shouldn't ads be so intresting instead of so confusing?
Look at this campaign from Ogilvy for Genteel, a liquid washing detergent for housewives. The idea here is so twisted that I don't really know how many people will get it. If you are from another country, I suggest you don't even try!
All those from here (India), do you get it? Is it that I am assuming that the consumer is too dumb. I showed it to my mum, who had no clue what it was. Even if you guys get it, do you think the average Indian Housewife will? Isn't this ad meant for her!! I only wish copywriters and agencies put themselves in the shoes of the consumer for a minute longer, it would probably help.


Anonymous said...

it's not so difficult to comprehend if you understand what 'preserve' means.

suneeta said...

ya i think that Indian consumer is quit intlgnt to undrstnd the thought behind this camp.

Anonymous said...

Aren't those jars, as in the detergent preserves the color like the jar preserves pickles, jam, etc.

ab said...

if advertising was only about showcasing the product, and telling what it does... we would not need all those creatives pushing themselves to their limits to get great ideas out.
one should not be so dumb to criticise the practicality of creativity.

if you still have not realised.. in life- things that intrigue you keep you interested.. than i am sorry about how limited and boring your life has become

advertising is as much a visual medium.
and this idea is using the visual medium to its max.

you look at this picture, you wait because its a lil unusual.. you wait and think and if you are an average intellect or around there you leave appreciating the idea...

by the way this was a finalist at abby's


cipher said...


intrigue is one thing, confusion or rather nonsense another! i'm sure you know nothing about my life nor do you need to get personal so back off before I get you to do it!

Advertising isn't modern art for people to stare and say "wow, how good looking". Advertising is commercial art and needs to sell stuff in the markets and thats when it is successful.

you look at these pictures, try and imagine what they are saying, realise that they are convoluted beyond the perception of the average indian woman and they turn the page! accept it, ninety percent of indian housewives wouldnt get a rats arse out of this campaign!

And by the way, a finalist is for losers! Check out the ads :) and every ad guy worth his salt knows what awards in India are all about, chillax've got a long way to go


J said...

i think the ad is pretty simple and nice and every goddamn indian housewife would get it.

cipher said...

well, every indian gorakhpur, in ludhiana, in tirunelveli, in gotta be dreaming or most indian housewives must be pass outs from Oxford or Wharton or something! :)

J said...

sweetheart, which part of the world do you live in?

my grandmoms have used those containers for 'preserving' pickles and stuff for years.

Wharton, indeed.

yog said...

Yes , I have doubt that this idea can sell product but ided is nice......
there is lots of idea in the market are making good product sell it not means the advertisemet or idea is creative......

yog said...


cipher said...

hey J,

i live in a place not very far from where you are! look'd probably find out!

All our grandmoms have used these jars...indeed! my whole point is that you need to identify a jar to know one! and i guess that is the difficulty for the average indian housewife who unlike us is not looking at ads to find an idea in them!!

Plus, look at the number of layers here: jars = preserve = clothes = genteel. not working...atleast that's my opinion...just like each of us is entitled to their own! cheers :)

Arch said...

Hey dude,

I was staring at it and my mom here in a matter of seconds said ' Its pickle jars!!
an indication that the product 'preserves'the clothes like jars preserve pickles !'

I think its not so hard after all to make out for an Indian woman because that yellow cloth pile looks like a typical Indian household pickle jar.

She says its an awesome ad!

Couleur said...

The color orange means confort food in Asia and Occident (Honey, patatoes, etc).