Monday, April 17, 2006

Lake View Anyone??

The Lake View Cafe is a coffee shop at one of the High Profile Star Hotels in Mumbai (If I am not wrong!) This campaign done by Contract Advertising, Mumbai left me clueless about what it had to say. Maybe one of you can help unravel the mystery...over to you!


Neodawn said...

Assuming you have taken a book to read at the Lake View Café, the view is soooooo breathtaking, that even before you fully read the title of the book, you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery in front of you, you stop reading the title of the book midway.

He he.. the best crap I could come up with… ;-)

(Vaguely assuming that this was the intended meaning, thank god, the view was not soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo breathtaking that they just showed an empty page as an Ad :D )

Anonymous said...


Phish said...

utter crap.
even ad school students think better.

the agency should wake up.

manish said...

sorry, didn't get it.
and when I did, didn't like it.
too construed and not talking about the cafe at all.

AT said...

No matter which book you take to the loo in Lakeside View Cafe, you cannot finish it. For 5 reasons: 1) You may fall asleep on the pot 2) Your waiter might slip your bill under the door 3) You might just get sick of the view (and the stench) and leave 4) A missed call from your wife waiting at the table 5) Run out of tissue paper so you tear up and use the book.

cipher said...

Hmmm...some things will remain mysteries I guess! Is this really a meaningless campaign? Sigh!