Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Manifesto Invite!

An interesting invite for Manifesto, a progressive Calgary Hair Salon. I like the attitude but felt it should have been something more relevant when one was launching a hair salon. But this one somehow looks like a woman with the towel around her head after a bath, is that what it is??


Möbius said...

thant's exactly what they have tried to show here - the towel on a woman's head ... a perfect symbolism for a salon. Nice ad!!

cipher said...

Mr. Anonymous!

Just because you know that this was a Molotov Cocktail, it doesnt make you clever! And if you do want to shoot your mouth off, you'd rather identify yourself and then do it...that way i can personally hunt you down and help you get your cock off your mouth! bastard.

PS: sorry guys, he/she was just asking for it!

Anonymous said...

lol.. yeah its ment to symbolize a lady with a towel as well as a molotov cocktail. what relivance the molotov cocktail has, i do not know.

pawel said...

I'm not sure what the argument here is with Mr.Anonymous but I must agree the pun with the cocktail misses its mark (for a hair salon). It could be a towel; from here it looks more like a 2 cents

cipher said...

Hey Pawel,

Thanks for your 2 cents! While I do appreciate feedback, I don't like it when people come and shoot their mouths off. Which is exactly what somebody did...just paid him back with intrest! :)

Corey said...

hence: Molotov Cocktail.