Monday, April 17, 2006

Moonbathing Collection from Levi's

Levi's Ads Currently in Europe: For a new range of denim called the Moonbathing Collection


Size of an Ant said...

See the totally cool and brilliant Levis Moonbathing ads from director Anthony Atanasio at
Its the best thing Levis' has done in years

Atanasio is the same director who did that amazing Escheresque ad for Audi Illusions and the Nintendo School's Out spot both available at:

and loads of other places.

my fav from these Levis spots is the long moonbathing film and the billboard one, but they're all completely wired.

Spot Adictic said...

Director Anthony Atanasio has also recently made two ads for AMEX with Japanese actor Ken Watanabe. They are supposed to be really cool.

He also did this amazing ad for Club-Med which has three dimensional faces hidden in a series of stunning aerial shots of deserts, snow slopes, a golf course, clouds, a moroccan city, coral reefs etc. He has somehow made them from the environment, the buildings, rocks, grass, trees etc. Its painstakingly perfect.

There are more links to Anthony Atanasio and his work at:

He has also made some short films but they're not easy to get hold of. One of them won the worlds highest award for screen choreography and he choreographed and directed it. Its called DUST and was really low budget.

creative said...

BBH Creative, Caroline Pay, came up with the initial Moonbathing idea before enlisting award winning commercial director Anthony Atanasio and his partner Valerie Martinez to then turn it into a fully realized film. The result of this collaboration is the fantastic Moonbathing films, Moonbathe, Billboard, and Ledge.

Creative director, Caroline Pay, was formerly at London agency Mother where she worked on the Boots account amongst others.

Atanasio is known for his cinematically strong visual approach and his fanatical attention to detail. He's been called the Stanley Kubrick of commercials! Valerie Martinez has been his Art Director and partner for many years since their award winning short films, "The Persistence of Memory" and "DUST".

Ed Morris said...

In my humble opinion, some of the coolest and undoubtedly most stunning Levis films ever, directed by some of the World's finest directors, period:

Laundrette - Director: Roger Lyons
Bath - Director: Roger Lyons
Parting - Director: Roger Lyons
Entrance - Director: Roger Lyons
Climate/Fridge - Director: Roger Lyons
Pool Hall - Director: Marek Kanievska
Swimmer - Director: Tarsem
Procession - Director: Michael Haussman
Creek - Director: Vaughan & Anthea
Fall - Director: Paul Arden
Taxi - Director: Ballie Walsh
Drugstore (girl & guy versions) - Director: Michel Gondry
Planet - Director: Vaughan & Anthea
Washroom - Director: Tarsem
Mermaids - Director: Michel Gondry
Kung Fu - Director: Jonathan Glazer
Tremor - Director: Doug Liman
Hamster - Director: Doug Nichol
Square Peg - Director: Gore Verbinski
Photocopier - Director: Chris Cunningham
ID, Fly, Dancing, and the series featuring Flat Eric - Director: Quentin Dupieux
Twist - Director: Frank Budgen
Odyssey - Director: Jonathan Glazer
Hispanic, Hot Dog - Director: Speck & Gordon
Bike - Director: Nick Gordon
Midsummer - Director: Noam Murro
Ice Cream, Mutual Respect, Disrespect, Roof - Director: Stacey Wall
Moonbathing, Billboard, Ledge - Director: Anthony Atanasio

Don’t worry; it makes me jealous, bitter, and twisted to have not worked on these also.