Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Puke Anyone??

Found these 2 ads at Seaspace today. I have no clue what these ads are trying to say, where they are from or what language they are in or what they mean. Can anybody help me decipher what these ads are trying to tell us...thanks!


Anonymous said...

hi~these ad come from china, maybe taiwan,chinese slogan.illegibility slogan.

FT said...

It's a lauch of the spring collections for this department store there.
The copy basically says that they are sick of everything about winter, the weather the style... etc~

Nice art direction I have to say.

Where you get these ads from? Lurzer's Archive?

Phish said...

Possibly means that Spring collection is now out. Get the winter styles out of your system.

Anonymous said...

Hope my comments doesn't come too late. I guess these visuals are trying to bring out the message saying that things selling at the store are extremely cheap, till you feel sick of it.

In Chinese, there is a phrase which is expressing this action. Hard to explain here. But I think It's a very good exercusion.