Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sania Clear Hain!!

Well, here she is! Sania Mirza - India's Pin-Up Girl at her photographic best for Sprite. I know that this isn't a really creative campaign and stuff but i'm sure the desi-boys in India will love these for sure! The campaign was done by Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi and the TVC for the same campaign was produced by Sabal Sheikhawat and his production company Big Picture Company.


allan m said...

what's with adding twenty four to these shots? that's a pretty strong legal issue as it implies you were involved in the creation of the campaign.

it also creates confusion within the industry if you are going to put your own credit on all the adverts you show on here.

so, be prepared for a law suit if you carry on.

i did something similar a while back and got burned. :)

cipher said...

Hey Allen!

I never thought that was a legal issue! not in my wildest dreams. I've seen a lot of sites do ad-rag, coloribus, brainstorm do they get away with it??

All I was trying to suggest is the source of these visuals coz I don't think these are posted on any other blogsite as yet.

Anyways, if it means trouble...i'm not venturing that way again. Thanks for the tip.

And hey, i know or thing about those law just need to kick them where it hurts most! Have a good day dude :)