Thursday, April 06, 2006


A new ad by JWT, Thailand for the Digital Zoom Feature in the Nikon Coolpix Camera. Do you like the idea? I personally think its kinda OK! It also reminds me of an ad for Toyo Plastic Buckets posted below on this blog...I can't seem to accept war & violence in advertising. May be it's just a mindset for me...


Xarape said...

I would agree with the ad if we lived in a peaceful world. But we don't, so I don't think this ad brings in a good message.
And, besides that, if the guy shoots his gun, he will miss, because the camera lens is placed on the side of the gun. Check it out. He'll probably shoot the other guy's ear.
Well, maybe he's only flirting with the other soldier. After Brokeback Mountain, who knows?

Andrew Garraway said...

I also think the ad does not work, due to the violence of war can lead to thinking Nikon supports war. I think the idea is made clear, their zoom is far reaching and clear, but using it too kill someone isn't practical for consumers. Maybe if it was used for kids playing around, or a water gun fight, or something absurd and funny. War is just too serious.