Friday, May 19, 2006

More Morbid Ads!

Well, after McDonalds, it looks like Eveready is all set to create the next freak ad in Indian Advertising. Well, it looks like someone's been reading a lot of Stephen King at the agency! This is truly morbid! VIA:


arcane said...

not morbid...morbidity has a weird ass aesthetic appeal...this is jus plain freaky!!!

Sajan said...

It's based on the movie called 'ring' where a similar looking girl/ghost comes out of the TV.
I dont know about this ad but the movie 'ring' is brilliant.

feroze said...

haha... its ment to be funny, not morbid. the expression on the girls face is like "what?!" cos shes got aught in a strong beam of light.

i quite like it.