Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Percept kicks ass @ Montreux!

Percept/H has been having a dream month! Four of their entries have gone on to become finalists at the recently concluded 16th International Montreux Advertising Festival held in Switzerland.

A finalist at the Montreux Fest was a campaign for Mahanand Josh Flavored Milk in the Press: Beverages category. The campaign has two ads, both showing a cow grazing on items such as strawberries and chocolate, which are lying on the grass. The lines with the logo are, ‘Strawberry Flavoured Milk’ and ‘Chocolate Flavoured Milk’, respectively. The campaign bagged a bronze at the AAAI Goafest as well. It was created by Deborah Fernandes, Ayesha Bedi and Tejali Shete.

Another finalist includes a press ad for The Ghetto Bar titled ‘Jaws’ in the Press: Retail category. The ad, created by Anil Kakar (copy) and Manish Ajgaonkar (art), showed a striking visual of a shark in a glass of beer, with the beer looking like an ocean of sorts. This brings out the proposition that The Ghetto Bar will be showcasing Hollywood movies such as ‘Jaws’ (hence, the whole sharks angle).

The next finalist was an ad for the Cancer Patients Aid Association in the press and public interest category. Aimed at throwing light on secondary smoking, the ad shows the feet of a man and a boy in a morgue with the placards ‘Smoker’ and ‘Passive Smoker’ on each of them, respectively. The credits for this ad go to Tarun Batra and Sachin Kamath.

The last finalist was a press ad for Tena Adult Diapers, created by Thoppil Paul and Santosh Sonawane, in the Press: Cosmetics/Pharmaceuticals category. The ad has a single line of copy that reads, ‘Is this how it feels when your bladder interrupts your life?’ That sounds simple enough, except that after every two or three alphabets, there is a comma, thus bringing out the ‘interruption’ problem. (Tena is an adult diaper that helps combat incontinence.) VIA:


arcane said...

de ad for Mahanand Josh milk kinda reminds me of Floyd's Atom Heart Mother's cd art stuff dus...sorta

Anonymous said...

Um... can someone say "copy of the great Saatchi ad for Pampers?" If you're going to copy an idea, at least choose an ad for a different product. Oh, and make it better. WTF?

Rashikaps said...

Hey, Chanced upon your blog while browsing in the blog world. The ad done for the Cancer Patients Aid Association is truly impactful.