Monday, May 29, 2006

Welcome to Trash!

Start GMBH from an agency from Germany created this campaign for Malboro....errr, well for Burger King! My only query is why would anyone try to rip off a cigarette company's advertising or even imitate it?? Aren't they like the most harmful things on the planet (not that junk food is!) But all said and done, I think Burger King is on a faulty track here...wonder what they are trying to achieve?? via: coloribus


Neha said...

they are saying that junk is better than smoke.simple. :-)

Anoop MohanKumar said...

First, anything that has a cowboy is NOT cigarette adv, esp Marlboro.
I think this was a good execution to tell people how hot, bold and smart Burger king eatables are.

Yes they could have avoided the statutory warnings at the bottom.

ckh said...

This seems like it would have been more appropriate for a campaign about the negative health effects of fast food.

Seems like an odd choice for Burger King to associate itself with the Marlboro campaign. While Marlboro's campaign is one of the most recognized in the world, it nonetheless has been associated with the health effects of smoking. Its hard to see this campaign without associating it with the similairly negative effects of eating fast food.