Monday, June 26, 2006

Cannes Young Creatives '06

The four ads above are from Argentina (Bronze), Poland (Gold), New Zealand (Silver) and Finland (Bronze) respectively. They are all winners of the Cannes Young Creatives Contest. The brief this year was to create a print advertisement to motivate the public to support the ICRC or the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Society either through donations or volunteer service.
I personally like the ad from Argentina that won a Bronze. I think most will prefer another one! Overall I feel that this years 'Young Gun' Winners are a drop from the regular high standards from the years before.


Anonymous said...

Is that saddam crying while talking to his mom?

Thinks Heyz said...

I liked the first one. The second uses the camouflage really well, so it puts u in the context of war. But the first one makes me feel the pain right away.

Daniel said...

Once more Cannes prove that Neil Frech says:
Its a bunch os mediocre people (except the good ones: Droga, Bogousky, Cohen, Serpa...) judging the work of great people.
Poland gold?
I see this idea thousand times before.
How many lions worth a Gold pencil?

Daniel said...

What Neil French says about Cannes:
Q: Here we are in beautiful, sunny Cannes, yet you never actually stay in Cannes proper, and you tend to shy away from the official festival goings-on. Why is that?

A: Well it’s a terrible festival, It’s badly judged, it’s a bit of a lottery, but it’s a good place to meet people you’d otherwise have to travel all over the place to see. Right here we have Spain, Argentina, India, Canada, and you can meet them all in one place. That part is fucking great.

Q: So what would you do to change the actual awards section? The schmoozing part seems to be working fine…

A: Well the judging system is terrible. I believe that people get chosen as judges for all the wrong reasons. Basically, the reason to be a judge is to get more entries from a specific country, not necessarily because they’re any good. There are only so many truly great advertising people in the world, and some of them are here in Cannes. But there are also an awful lot of nobodies here, judging the work of good people, and that’s morally wrong, and that would have to change.

Ram said...

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Ghost Particle said...

wish you dont put all the ads in one page. Very hard to load and navigate...

Good updates!