Saturday, June 10, 2006

Che Magazine

1) Keep on dreaming of a better world.
2) Squeeze Here Please
3) Women’s Lane
Ché is a magazine from Belgium that focuses on Men and what they’re interested in. Like the women, fast cars, cool gadgets and several others.


Kyle said...

What the crap? I just discovered this degrading peice of tripe this afternoon. "Keep on dreaming of a better world?" It is exactly this kind of sexist, mysogenistic, patriarchal bullshit that keeps the world from becoming better. Goddamnit. Why does this culture hate women so much?

Perry said...

I do not find this offensive but in truth I really have no idea what point these faux adverts are trying to make.

However the fact it can produce a comment-rant like the one above does suggest that maybe it has some virtue after all. Anyone who uses the term "patriarchal bullshit" is someone who needs to have politically incorrect offerings waved in front of them at every possible opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, don't like it...don't read it.

Anti-p.c. redneck male

Anonymous said...

@Kyle - Europeans have a unique sense of humor, get over it. You have to admit it's funny, come on. I wish advertisements here were more like this.

oscar said...

oh my god, perry your my hero.
and those adverts radiate awesomeness

Anonymous said...

i'm a usa girl through & through and thought it would be funny to goggle my name to see what came up. dear god, i think i may need to change my name, cause my daddy named me after che' guvarra not some shoddy belgiam mens rag. and no i'm not being "outrqaged" or "offended" i just don't want to share my unique name with shit

Anonymous said...

Miss Che you should be more ashamed that your daddy named you after a mass murder not that a mens magazine was named after that same mass murder.
Also Che two words BIRTH CONTROL before you start teaching your kids Charlie Manson, and his brother Mao anything.
Kyle its time to complete the sex change operation.
This is a funny add with limited sex involved.