Thursday, June 01, 2006

Food that Kills!!

These ads are over-loaded with body copy which some might consider a sin. But i'm sure it's there for a purpose and they all use the same method that products like cooking oil use in India...FEAR! Do you think these ads really work??

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arcane said...

God bless Xenical! cos tis sacrilege to ask ppl to stop eatin such gorgeous lookin food!!! slurp!
And yes, there's a purpose to so much of copy cos wen u look at 'block fat and help change de future', i'll bet steam pops out of a foody's ear cos it looks/sounds like ur askin them to stop eatin such stuff. well, dats jus here on de's obviously an ad for medicos who i'm assumin rnt obese. and i guess u need dat copy to tell them dat there's good news in town, dat they don't havta commit blasphemy by askin their patients to lay off such food totally. Plus medicos won't take any treatment or new medicine at face value...there's gotta b sum credibility n therefore de copy. think it works for de TG. ok...a mother of a paragraph here...time to sign off