Saturday, June 17, 2006

Football for Nature!

Headline: Every second commercial burning destroys an area of rainforest the size of 2 football fields. At this rate, there will be none standing in 50 years. Agency: Ad Planet Group

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Anonymous said...

In actual fact, I have no clue what this ad is trying to communicate, tries too hard to make a point.

And most importantly it looks like a rip-off from one Greenpeace Ad, originally done by JWT Manila (which is so much better than this lot of meaningless matchsticks)... And the execution is so much simpler and yet better than this one done by Ad Planet. Maybe credit them for the utmost effort in arranging the matchsticks.

And yes, the original Greenpeace ad had won a couple of awards, so Ad Planet had better not submit this ad of mediocre standard, to avoid further embarassment...