Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Superbly Slim!

I don't know the agency that did this print ad for the slim range of Olympus Cameras but I love the idea! Is this Ogilvy, Singapore?


Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

OMG!That was great some of them made me laugh outloud!

What a creative mind you have!

Wonderfully done!


God Bless, O' I see He already has!

The Rev.

iuack said...

BBDO Malaysia

iuack said...

BBDO Malaysia

Jamie, Malaysia said...

i wanna know which agency and from where who did this print!!!!! i have an similiar idea scam for olympus last 3 year ago.. but my creative director dont approve it..! DAM!!

aj said...

great just great , simply superb
i have became a fan of u & would take u as a Guru (teacher).

Anonymous said...

It has already been done for Sony in NZ a couple of years back. Contact if you want to get hold of a copy of it.