Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dentyne V/S Voltas

Seeing Double?? Well, it's not a problem with your eye-sight at all. The Dentyne campaign was done by McCann Erickson, Puerto Rico & the Voltas campaign was done by EURO RSCG, India!


m.fairfield said...

Which campaign came first? I much prefer the Voltas.

Readymade said...

It's already becoming a tired concept.

DC said...

The first is the Dentyne campaign.
And, in my opinion, is much better art directed.

Phish said...

heh heh. pakra gaya. will they own up to it.

"No, no. Creative guys think of similar ideas..blah blah...I am in Euro...blah blah....its shutting down in three years, see...ummm...who is this @#$%^& sandeep makam anyway?"

expose. way to go dude.