Friday, July 28, 2006

Gajalee Sea Food Restaurant

A very different and weird campaign for a Sea Food Restaurant called Gajalee at the Phoenix Mills Compound in Mumbai. I'm kinda confused at the exact idea here. Is it all about the smell of fish? Or is it about something else?
AGENCY: Euro RSCG, India >> CLIENT: Gajalee Sea Food Ltd. >> CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ashok Karnik, Sanjay Khare >> COPYWRITER: Siddhartha Bindra >> ART DIRECTOR: Roshni Kavina


Anonymous said...

The lines are the common things one says when he/she finds something "fishy" going on. The visual sows the places, where they have been said.

The body copy says, "there's something fishy around the office". that's why, the lines are very much "office-specific".

Anonymous said...

But excuse me, what has that got to do with the fish restaurant.

Don't you think a consumer seeing this ad won't get it.

Why do advertising creative guys focus on so called 'creativity' and forget effectiveness ?


Anonymous said...

So where does the restaurant come in?

Instinctive Traveller said...

what on god's earth is this? what has 'something fishy' - overlaid with gossip - got to do with a fish restaurant?

is it that "he stays late at office when she does" so that they can go to gajalee?


manojR said...

fuckwits! they are trying to position the resturant to the yuppie crowd...who want to gossip about work during lunch/dinner with workmates.

cipher said...

well, i guess this aint for everybody to understand...pretty evident from all that feedback! cheers

dr.dentz said...

heh heh. i am sorry to say this but euro is trying to find non-existent clients and trying very hard to be creative.

trying is the word.
I wouldn't mind a poster that looks like this though.