Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hands on Movies!

What I don't understand very clearly is the fact that the hands are at the doorstep while the movies are actually available online which means they are on my computer! May be the same hands on a mouse would be appropriate or these would work best for a movie rental service that delivers the CD's or DVD's home. Isn't it?


purvs said...

Maybe the movies are not actually available online, but kinda like Netflix where you select your movies and make your selections online, and then they are mailed to you. I like these ads.

Anonymous said...

You can't watch the movies on your computer. It's like Netflix where you rent the movie online, and then it's delivered to your door.

So the hands ringing on the doorbell makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I think the message is 'great movies, now come to you at the touch of a button'.

There's a black and white hand (silent movies), a transparent hand (ghost movies) and a bloody hand (murder films). And they're all touching a button: the button to your home.

My two cents.

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