Friday, July 28, 2006

Lesser Trees by The Tonga Workroom

Another Guerilla Idea...this one was done by The Tonga Workroom in Shanghai. I don't quite understand the logistics of how this idea worked. Was the greenery we see on the front of the dispenser replaced each day? If it was, the idea would only work in places where I used the tissue paper dispenser every day! Otherwise I'd assume it was always the same. Can you think of an explanation??


Anonymous said...

Hi, here the front view is touched with the inner quqntity of tissues, but it revolves at a lesser speed, than the speed of inside tissue roller. U got it?

Jonathan Stampf said...

The smart way would be to make the front of the dispenser transparent, and print the forest on the edge of the stack of paper towels.
Anyway, the effect is more that of ascending in a helicopter than using up a forest.
Funny that the advertising industry would take up paper conservation as an issue. Is there an industry that consumes more paper than ours?

brazilian said...

more paper you consume. more trees to cut off;

Anonymous said...

They would change the cover every other day to show how trees are suffering from paper use.

Got it from


Zeid (AdBlogArabia) said...

Smart and effective.

In-Bathroom media ideas seem to be among the best nowadays on the advertising blogs.

Must be a trend!

Anonymous said...

In 1999, Harshad from Mudra put a small stamp size note on all the printers, photocopiers, tissue rolls in toilets etc. He also sent these stamps to be pasted on the copiers & printers of all the branches. The note said, HOW MANY TREES DID YOU USE TODAY. He won the Asia Pac silver for this.

This poster on dispenser looks a poor copy of that.