Sunday, July 02, 2006

Would You Eat Here??

That's the most graphic piece of advertising I've seen in a long while! Still hungry anyone??

Art Director: Sanket Pathare, Copywriter: Vidhi Shah.


mamatha said...

ooops.....yeah it is indeed very graphic.....guess they are happy to keep veggies out anyways...

Anonymous said...

which agency is this done from...and is this released work or done kept jurors in mind.

Instinctive Traveller said...

There’s something I don't quite understand. Let me take you back to an elementary research done decades ago. It claimed that cooked food pics sold more food products than raw food pics. That wasn't debated.

Has there been a study I missed that says gory visuals such as the one above will prompt more visits to a restaurant?

What is this dude?

Glenn Dmello said...

its quite intense for a restaurant.

dr dentz said...

let me help all of you guys above me (and those under).

This is an ad for a restaurant that is popular amongst most agency folks in Mumbai for its food, which is average to good.

The idea here is to take them into confidence and release an ad. Did I say ad? - sorry - non ad (this I am sure didn't run anywhere - not counting the women's co-operative magazine in Matunga) to impress cigar chewing award juries over the world.

as instincticve said it does nothing for the consumer. i am all for scams, but only as long as it means something for the consumer.

way to go creatives. if this should shake anything up it is your confidence in yourself.