Tuesday, August 08, 2006

100,000 hit on 24!

Hi everybody! twenty-four is now 1 hundred thousand hits old...the guy's taken quite a beating but he ain't complainin! At this happy moment I'd like to thank all of you who come back each day, all of you who write in, all of you who've linked me and all the others who give me the encouragement to keep going on each day!
A few statistics on this happy occassion:
A) twenty-four's visitors come from the following continents:
>> Europe - 57%
>> Asia - 20%
>> North America - 12%
>> South America - 8%
>> Australia - 1%
>> Africa - 1%
>> Unknown - 1%
B) About 863 visitors hit on twenty-four each day.
C) twenty-four has about 1738 links as of today from 255 blogs and is ranked 8315 on technorati
D) twenty-four is ranked at No.15 on BMA's (Beyond Madison Avenue) top 25 advertising blogs!
E) twenty-four currently has 875 posts and has been running since November 16th, 2005.
Thanks again to everybody, keep visiting and I hope you continue to enjoy the site as always...


j said...

congratulations! great job you do here, at twenty four. keep going.

Griner said...

Great job! I'm sure I speak for all of the 12% here in NorthAm when I say you run a fun blog.

mamatha said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandeep,
You rock... Thanx for educating us with your daily inputs.... Love to visit your site.

Khushbu Sanghi

Zeid Nasser said...

Congrats Sandeep.

I'm an Ad Blogger from the Middle East (AdBlogArabia) and always link to you.

I've also posted your name as a Tag on Technorati a couple of times.

Good luck and keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

congratulations keep goin.good work,i love to visit ur site

Jan Erik Meyer said...

Congratulations for your really great job! Keep on posting :-)

Perspective Inc. said...

It really is an awesome blog!

Perspective Inc. said...

It really is a great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude,

I'm not an advertising guy ( as you can make out from the simple prose of this comment!). But love visiting your blog almost on a daily basis. I find it extremely enjoyable and at the same time quite enlightening given the diversity of the ad content taht you post. Keep up the great work


Instinctive Traveller said...

congrats sandeep. guess what? i think your blog is successful because you never force your opinion down on us. and also because you've been humble... (gawd, did that sound like i'm sucking up?)

please, please, please remain that way. and please don't go the way others have (especially another blogger from chennai).

S.Karthikeyan said...


Wondering were you get all these goodies from?

::metamike:: said...

well done, congratulations.

didifor said...

thank you... and congrats :)

anantha said...

gr8 show. keep it going. and disregard any verbal swipes made in the name of comments.

Bernard Voges said...

I start almost every morning with a hot cup of coffee and Twenty Four. The content is always good. Thanks for keeping it all together. Ha! Only 1% from Africa - that's pathetic, amd I the only one here?
Cape Town

Thinks Heyz said...

Congrats Sandeep. keep going!

cipher said...

thanks again everybody...hope this blog keeps up 2 your expectations, cheers!