Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Adidas does a Nike??!!

Well, the egg or the chicken? It's that question that we're asking again. Click here and you will see exactly the same campaign above for NIKE! A campaign that just won a Cannes Lion.
TBWA, India did the above campaign for Adidas and the agency claims that both campaigns were done at the same time! Now is this a copy or is it just simulataneous'll never know! But all said and done it's a bizzare thought to see 2 global giants and largest rivals have exactly the same advertising...Jeez!
Agency: TBWA, India >> Creative Director: Jhose >> Art Director: Balakumar >>Copywriter: Ambar


Dashiell said...

Hi ... love the site, but you've got take some of these entries off the front page. I'm on a fairly fast computer with a high-speed connection and it still takes FOREVER to load your home page (and my computer is basically frozen while it does so.) Send them to archives ... Thanks!

.jpg said...

I'm sure I've also seen a Michael Jordan poster with the same concept in the late '80s - early '90s

Kidkie said...

Anyone know when the Adidas-ad first came out?