Monday, August 14, 2006

Dig This!

Flair (Flare) is a very famous Flemish Magazine. Available in French, Dutch and Belgian, the magazine is positioned as one that understands what's going on in a woman's mind! I love that thought by Duval Guillaume, Brussels.
It's similar to a magazine like Cosmopolitan that so many men read to understand a woman's mind! This ad shows a couple in various sexual positions with the calories burnt below them...well, interesting thought! Well, do women actually think or burning calories during sex?? via


WagyuMeat said...

oh yes they do. It's called sexercise.

Uw Moeder said...

Actually, "Belgian" is not a language. There's Flemish and French.
Maybe you mean Flair is available in Flemish and French in Belgium, and in Dutch in The Netherlands.