Friday, August 18, 2006

Dog Eats Your Fingers!!

Every day I see more and more ads that seem 2 spread out so much gore. Burnt bodies, tortured limbs, broken bones, severed arms and rotting skeletons...I really don't know if consumers across the world really enjoy sights like this. I'm sure stuff like this would hardly sell in a country like India but does it really work effectivel in other parts of the worls or is it just another attempt at making juries at ad fests go 'Aaaaah! What a great idea'
Here's one more with a dog that's eaten off its owners fingers, if you enjoy this then maybe it works!
Agency: Grey Worldwide, South Africa >> Creative Director: Mike Barnwell >> Art Director: Chest Rockwell & Little Bastard >> Copywriter: Drunk Dave
PS: The Art Director & Copywriter have rather appropriate names too!


spinova said...

I totally agree with you!! There's no need to get so far down to catch one's attention. Here, in Portugal, it would never work either!!

mzchief said...

You have to wonder about the morals and ethics of a society in which something needs to be disgusting and gruesome to attract the public’s attention. In an attempt to spare myself from seeing anymore gore than necessary, I intentionally ignore gruesome adverts.

J said...

I second spinova. Who's gonna tell these people that the 'eeew' effect isnt always creative.

Btw, are those real names???