Monday, August 14, 2006

Trippy Trippy!

Funny campaign this. The product is called WinDose!! And it's supposed to be a natural body booster from Belgium. The pack looks like shampoo! The green one I use @ home ... Garnier Fructis :) The ads are meant to show you the energy release from a product like this...pretty trippy...yes! The first ad is titled 'forest' and the second 'mountain'. All said and done, I kinda like them, quite eye catching! via
Client: WinDose (Api-Ar) >> Agency: Ogilvy Belgium >> Account: Claire Van der Linden >> Creative Director: Phil Van Duynen >> Copywriter: Serge Audino >> Art Director: Philip Schiebold >> Photographer: Alison Anselot, Alex Telfer >> Media: Magazines, Posters & POS

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