Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tropical Cheddar Cheese!


Lene said...

Does anybody know, what Sloshe is?
I mean: Have you always met the Site and checked the video? It`s awesome... Is it just a community or the new spirit of interrupt in lipoduction to youngsters ;-)?

dAN vILLENEUVE said...

sloche is for slushie, or if you want, a cold bevrage made of grinded ice and flavor. in this case the branding for this refreshment was pretty aggressive with flavor like, crushed smurfs, lipposuccion and swamp. the product is very regional and the branding since the product is sold in a convinience store chain (for the most part) located in the eastern part of canada. these ads were made Montreal, Canada, by BOS (

drdentz said...

f**king awesome. goes the distance in execution. i guess its the entertainment value of the ads that make it so memorable.