Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Chinese Cartwheel!

Freddy Birdy & Naved Akhtar created this campaign when they were at Mudra several years ago. The duo now have their own advertising agency called 'The Shop' in New Delhi. This campaign won a lot of awards at several fests and is also featured in the Indian Copy Book.
Would you really believe that a campaign like thise would work today? If you really do, then why do we see such less advertising with long copy or even ads dominated by copy these days...a visual and a line seems to be the norm almost everywhere! via


feroze. said...

As long as people read for plesure (eg: read books) they will read long copy. (asuming that it kicks ass ofcourse)

It's just become more difficult to use long copy, in my humble opinion.

Phish said...

you really think a cartwheel chinese owner had the idea to advertise or release half page long copy ads? c'mon man. the indian copy book has been manufactured to please agencies and personalities. this isn't real. well written but not real.

Anonymous said...

I agree with phish.
Also please read the old one shows.
Look for Yet Con Restaurant, Singapore ads.
Read and you'll know where Freddy Birdy got his inspired from.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is about the time when it was advtized rather than the length of copy or its relevance. But would be shocking if I find the ad resemble the Yet Con restaurant ad.

I will chk on it. let's see.