Thursday, September 28, 2006

Europe One 104.7 FM!

Headline: Is the war of the sexes really over?

Headline: Should we fear the Chinese?

Headline: How far will we let things go before money takes over sport?

Headline: Is religion the only thing we can't joke about?

Headline: Is France allergic to reforms?

Europe 1 is the type of radio station that isn't scared to discuss such topics - no matter how taboo.

Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris >> Country: France >>Creatives: Olivier Altmann (Executive Creative Director), Benoît Blumberger (Art Director), Eric Helias (Copywriter), Jorge Carreno (Art Director) >> Other Credits: Photographer: Oliver Rheindorf >> Account Handler: Sophie Larrieu


Anonymous said...

Sandeep, you should type out a few of the headlines so we can get an idea what these ads (and the Merc ads below) are all about. Not all of us have the eyesight of a 26 year old!

Anonymous said...

Mais, c'est tout simplement génial. Il y a toute la culture actuelle française dans ces pub. Pas besoin de "headlines". On a compris.

heyz said...

damn cool ads

Anonymous said...

cool headline. very catchy

Anonymous said...

is there a typo in the poster about money /sport??...does the copyline lack an "s" in the word things??