Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Home of Lamborghini


Anonymous said...

the Home of Lamborghini ads caught my attention. but can tell me more on what the ad's trying to say?
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cipher said...


the ads depict the typical aspects of the formula one sport.

the crew with their microphones and headphones, the gates being opened like at a race, the signals at the start of the race, etc.

If you watched a lot of Formula One, these ads would make a lot of sense to you...cheers!

strangelizard said...

you're wrong.
people chilling out with earprotectors on their head - lamborghinis are damn loud.
the traffic lights are set to red, don't go, always, because lamborghinis are damn fast.
and the gate - its like a lamborghini door opening.
not to mention that lamborghini has nothing to do with F1