Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Joins Anything!

This print ad demonstrates the superglue’s power in mending cracks. The product tagline says ‘Bonds in Seconds’. – Alteco 110 Super Glue – Agency: Ad Planet Group, Singapore.
This ad reminded me of an ad that was done when I was at Contract Advertising a few years ago. It was a chocolate bar from Cadburys...can't recall the name for sure...the ad was released on Independence Day and showed India and Pakistan joint as a single country! The ad led to wide protests and was highly politicised too...it is amazing how the same idea can draw different reactions in different parts of the globe! It pays to know your territory!

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Anonymous said...

When i was in college in of the inter college ad contests I saw one where someone did a Fevicol ad joining india and pakistan. I choked. It's one of the most embarrasing ideas for adhesive. Whats even worse, that pathetic olllllllllllllllllld idea won.