Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Piracy Kills!

Agency: FCB, Cape Town, South Africa >> Creative Director: Francois de Villiers >> Art Director: Schalk van der Merwe >> Copywriter: Schalk van der Merwe / Dylan Kidson >> Photographer: Guy Nevelling >> via


mzchief said...

Ineffective concept. All the characters portrayed in the ads belong to BILLION dollar franchises. Thus, piracy is not killing their part of the movie industry.

A better approach would have been to focus on piracy being wrong/illegal and portray a regular person behind bars with or amid notorious movie criminals.

strangelizard said...

I somewhat agree with you, but that's just a fact, and most of people looking at these won't think about that first. The concept is based on generating a feeling, feeling sorry for the charcter itself, that is.
The kalahari is offering a legal, online alternative to people using illegal means of downloading for getting the material they want. These ads get the 'newcomers' or 'newbies' of the illegal scene by generating the feeling of guilt, drawing them back to their natural consumer state. It's a lot more ineffective to do this ad with an average guy working in the industry - bigger the sympathy for the character, bigger the guilt. Also works for familymans with young kids.

"Billy, poor lord Vader is eating beans if we download this. It's not right. Let's order the DVD so we can support him in his next Death Star project!"
"F*ck yeah daddy!"