Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pregnant on Non-Alcoholic Beer!

I can't even think of a campaign like this getting released in a country like mine! The deal here is that alcoholic beverages generally use slim, sexy and svelte figures for their ads so Nova Schin decided to use pregnant ones for their Non-Alcoholic Beer! Anybody knows the agency, comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cipher, I think this is not the message Nova Shin wants to give.
The fact is that, when pregnant, woman can't drink alcholic drinks.
So they are addressing to this kind of target; i mean, everybody who can't or doesn't want to drink alchool.

Daniel C. said...

This work have been made by an brazilian agency called Fischer América.

Daniel C. said...

Nyky, you're right. And Cypher, you're right too.
In Brazil most of our beer ads use gorgeous women and using pregnants you can creat a huge impact.
Like Bill Bernbach says: When the world zig you must zag.

Eugen Suman said...

I don't think that either of you are right. I think it's a grose idea saying that women now have "beer bellies" because that beer is so good that they can't stop (also it's non alchoholic so they won't get drunk thus drinking more). Either way i find it disgusting.

Anonymous said...

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