Monday, September 25, 2006

Shoe Mart from Dubai!

The Classic Partnership in Dubai seems to be doing a lot of great work. This is the third post in 2 weeks and this is a campaign for 'The Shoe Mart' that has broken out across the Middle East. But I may have a small worry...are they getting too alike??

Sometimes too many similar looking stuff from the same agency may not be a great thing. Look at the campaign below. Are they similar or am I just over-reacting??


Anonymous said...

i think the ads were purposely made to look similar. As splash and shoemart ( few more like studio12 for kids) are fashion outlets under one umbrella or group all around middle east.
mostly they also have these outlets next to eachother in any mall

Anonymous said...

Never mind if the style is too similar. The question should be are the ads any good?