Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Humo Cultures!

A really cool and eye-catching campaign for Humo, the Belgian (Flemish) weekly magazine. What I find interesting is the fact that the youngsters across Belgium really loved this campaign and it soon acheieved the status of being transferred into posters in dorms and teenager bed rooms across the country while the older generation never really liked the work. The platform of mixing cultures is great and the rendition here, even better! Lovely work from Mortierbrigade
Client: Humo >> Agency: mortierbrigade (Belgium) >> Head of Quarters: Veerle Devos >> Creative Directors: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster >> Copy: Joost Berends >> Art Director: Dieter Vanhoof >> Strategy: Tom Himpe >> Illustration: Victor Sanchez >> Producer: Thierry Lambot (Print Producer) >> Photographer: Frieke Janssens >> Retouching: Idéal23 >> Media: Posters, Radio >> via

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Danijel said...

The most interesting fact about that campaign - which by the way gives a nice twist - is: they have some issues with right-wing xenophobic parties in Belgium (especially in Flanders). A great political message! Nice work.