Monday, October 09, 2006

The Invisible Flowers by Clorox!

Over the advertising years, cleaning agents have used the transparency platform in various ways and degrees, each to demonstrate the cleanest clean. With Clorox Floral, we had to do that and more. Flowerbed positioned the New Floral scent to mimic the presence of real flowers, no matter where you are. So what if you can't see them. If you can smell them, they are there. The 'Do Not Step On The Flowers' sign treats flowers just the way they would be treated in their natural environment.
Title: Floral Scented Clorox >> Client: Clorox >> Art Director: Dinesh Gore >> Copywriter: Lisha Mansukhani >> Agency : TD&A DDB, UAE >> Product Name: Clorox Floral


Anonymous said...

Hm. The Photoshop job is terrible and the idea feels forced. Judging from the long explanation attached to the front page post, you don't think the idea's that clear either... My final opinion is to put in the bottom drawer and get back to work.

Zeid Nasser said...

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Anonymous said...

too many steps . no time to figure out