Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Diwali!

It's Diwali across the Planet and almost every page of every newspaper is trying to promote the festival season with an offer of some kind (cash discounts, freebies, trips abroad, lucky gifts, scratch cards, etc.) How does one stand out from this clutter without losing out on the spirit of the season.
Saints and Warriors, Mumbai recently created this campaign for Piramyd, a retail store where you shop for almost everything your home needs. I like the style of using the packs of traditional Diwali crackers as the core theme for this campaign though it is a style that's been tried before.
Co-incidentally HBO has tried something similar for their Diwali Blockbusters but I feel this campaign is more relatable for it's promo value!
Client: Piramyd Retail >> Agency: Saints and Warriors, Bombay >> Copy: Trilokjit Sengupta >> Art: Sandesh Ghadi / Raja Haldankar.

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Anonymous said...

Damn good art work. Nice copy. Have always found the crackers pack designs interesting