Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mentitas Calaf

Brand: Mentitas Calaf >> Advert title : Ají / Salmón >> Agency : Lowe Porta, Chile >> Creative Director : Kiko Carcavilla >> Art Director : Cristian Kemp >> Copywriter : Sebastián Collantes


feroze said...

whats this ad even for? i really dont get it. maybe it's cos the TA is already expected to be familiar with the product?

L said...

The "mentitas" are like "altoids" (mints).
In Chile the "Aji" is the "chile" is very spicy hot.

And the "salmon" is a very fine fish you can find here in Chile.

I'am from Chile, and also don't get it.
(Is like "mentitas" are strong as "Aji", but with "salmon" you also say this are fine mints... don't get really the conection)