Monday, November 27, 2006

Spar Sea Food Festival

A Guerilla Attempt by Quadrant Communications to promote the Sea Food Festival at a restaurant named Spar by placing artificial Oysters on the beaches of Mumbai.
Agency: Quadrant Communications Ltd. >> Account Executive: Sunil Balan >> Agency Producer: Micheal Sequeira >> Art Director: Sandeep Poyekar >> Content Strategist: Amit Acharekar >> Creative Director: Paul Menacherry >> Designer: Sandeep Poyekar >> Illustrator: Sandeep Poyekar >> Photographer: Sandeep Poyekar >> Writer: Amit Acharekar


heyz said...

if i were to spend at least an hour at the beach i'd pick each one up and chuck them in some trash can. i hate to see them spread on a beach like that.
it's a good idea, but spoiling the environment around too much.

Reminds me of that ad where someone pt quote bubbles on a beach which encouraged people not to trash the beach. even that one was spoiling the environ of the beach. i'd hate to be in a beach and see things scattered like that.

Anonymous said...

Its a pearl of an idea:)