Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prison Break in Lisbon!

Thanks to Hugo Tornelo from Torke Stunt in Lisbon Portugal for sharing this multi-phased advertising campaign to launch the TV series Prison Break on the Portuguese FOX Channel.
The campaign involved a press kit containing a hidden spoon and a prison blueprint was sent to the press relating to a prison escapade, a team of 7 people (5 prisoners and 2 policemen) walked throughout the city of Lisbon distributing flyers containing info about the series, several stoppers were placed indoors, such as TV CABO shops and in urban furniture and Several posters were strategically in various city areas.
Brand/product advertised: FOX Channel >> Advert title: Prison Break >> Agency: Torke Stunt >> Agency website: www.torke.pt >> Creative Director: André Rabanea >> Art director: João Pereira >> Copywriter: Gustavo Blanco

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Thiago Monteiro said...

Nada melhor que realizar uma marketing de guerrilha para chamar a atenção de um produto. Ótima campanha.


Thiago Monteiro